My name is Jake Humphreys. For the first spotlight I’d like to highlight an extremely customisable tool that is Rukovoditel. Whether you aim to use the software for small businesses, large business or even for personal use, there are plenty of customisation options for you to choose from.

What can you expect

From the get go you’ll find an easy to use dashboard experience providing the main elements of the software on a menu bar to the left of the screen. Rukovoditel includes a wide range of features in the free software, with even more becoming available should you choose to expand to the extension (more on this later). When you first load your instance of this software you’ll be greeted with some pre-made reports that you can choose to expand upon, or indeed, hide them for now.

How do I use it?

I have two uses for this software, both of which are not the standard use case, which proves Rukovoditel can be used for a multitude of scenarios beyond business management.

Personal Tracking and Organisation

As a student I find that I require a lot of record keeping, this helps me keep track of what I need to do, and when. The below example is my tasks menu from my personal use case for recording the various tasks that i find myself completing during my studies. Rukovoditel allowed me to create a simple task report, under the menu ‘University’ in under 5 minutes, without any programming experience necessary to do so.

The image above represents the entire report, which is created by inserting various elements into a report, with popular options such as text editors with WYSIWYG, drop down boxes that can be assigned Global lists to prevent entering the same data multiple times, and although not included in this example File uploads or attachments to keep track of specific files (Useful for keeping track of assignments!)

Gaming Community membership records

My secondary usecase for Rukovoditel was to keep track of various members and their roles in a large scale gaming community in which it was my role to handle the administrative elements. This allowed me to keep personal, permanent records for members which contained various information such as email address or join dates as well as any roles they held within the community. The simple to use nature of Rukovoditel allowed me to create this system to its entirety in a day, moving from a hastily assembled google docs system, to a professional and elegant solution.

Rukovoditel Extension

Rukovoditel can be implemented for your solution straight away there’s no fees or costs to using most of the basic features that are used to create the above scenarios, which allows non-profit communities, students, or starter businesses the freedom to organise their workflow immediately without heavy costs. And once you’ve gotten used to the incredible features, and want to make use of the premium features rukovoditel has to offer, then you can purchase the extension for a one time payment. This goes to supporting the developer and their hard work so that they can recieve some payment for their efforts. Speaking of which, the developer offers plenty of support both non-direct via their FAQ, or directly via the contact form (which you will receive a prompt reply from.)

These features are avail in the extension.


With its high degree of customisable elements, font awesome integration, ease of use and optional premium content, if you have a scenario that you’re unsure how to implement, there’s a high chance Rukovoditel has got you covered. You can try the software without any installation by visiting the link below and if you want a personalised 30 day demo, then you request that there too.