Rukovoditel made us proud on numerous occasions, being a software that’s helping small and startup development teams manage projects in an innovative, yet free and accessible way. The pleasure of standing behind an adored project management product becomes even bigger when we see its name appear on popular business software review platforms, which not only praise it with good words, but also distinguish it with prestigious awards.

Recently we had the opportunity to have our software evaluated by FinancesOnline, one of the leading B2B software review platforms that presented our product in their detailed and comprehensive Rukovoditel reviews. While we didn’t have a single doubt about the positive experience spreading fast among their readers, good news arrived much sooner than we expected: Rukovoditel received an official recognition in their best project management software category!

Namely, Rukovoditel is now the proud holder of their Great User Experience Award for 2016 and the Rising Star Award for 2016. Both of these respectable awards are delivered by a team of B2B and SaaS experts who reviewed most of the top 10 project management software products and keep an eye on top-quality products like Rukovoditel that are being most helpful to the users’ community. The first award is usually given to software that is intuitive and yet robust enough to satisfy users’ expectations, while the Rising Star has to be deserved with development and sustainability, and satisfying essential B2B market needs in a reasonable time lapse.

As we were informed, experts were impressed by Rukovoditel’s view configuration and easy data imports, features they believe were critical to the product’s success. The flexible user access configuration was another key to productivity, as experts believe it was a great idea to divide users based on role permissions, and having three groups (Customers, Managers, and Programmers), instead of a single one. Basically, our users are not expected to use a pre-made product, but rather to develop their own application in the way which is most suitable for their business. Of course, the fact that Rukovoditel is a free and open source platform was also a factor for obtaining these awards.