Rukovoditel 2.2 and Extension  beta versions is ready to test. Testing period 2-3 weeks.

See video review on new features.

If you will find any errors during testing, report them on forum, please

Also you can start upgrade translation for version 2.2 and share it on forum.

Download Rukovoditel 2.2 Beta

Download Extension 1.7 Beta
For customers who already made order. Since license key related to domain you can install test version in sub-folder.

Upgrade instruction

NOTE: it’s important to test with live date but don’t upgrade live app. Create copy of your application and then run upgrade there.

During upgrade all data saved.

NOTE: if you are using Extension then you can create copy of your application on the same domain in new folder. Product key related to domain name only.

  1. Do database backup
  2. Rewrite all fields from
  3. If you are using Extension then rewrite all files from in /plugins folder
  4. Run /install/autoupdate/from_2.1_to_2.2.php
  5. If you are using Extension then run /install/ext_autoupdate/from_1.7_to_2.2.php
  6. Remove /install folder

If you have any questions then ask in comments bellow.

If you found any errors during testing then post them on Forum, please