Rukovoditel 2.0 and Extension 1.6 are released.

In version 2.0, special attention was paid to automation of actions in the application. To save your time, repetitive and one-type actions can be automated now. Also added several new features for more tight interaction with customers.

New Field Types

New Features

New Features in Extension 1.6

  • Public Forms
  • Business process automation
  • Rest API
  • Payment Modules
  • SMS Modules
  • File Storage Modules
  • Change History Report

For a detailed description of the features, see the Extension page.

On the “History of Updates” page you will find the instructions for installing and upgrading to version 2.0.

Users who previously purchased the Extension can download the new version in the My Account.

Sergey Kharchishin

Sergey Kharchishin

Project Founder

My name is Sergey Kharchishin. I am the founder of the project management software "Rukovoditel". I am always ready to provide technical support, and I will be glad to hear your suggestions for the further development of the project.