Released version 1.9.1  and Extension 1.5.1. In general, this version includes only fixes the list of which you can read bellow. I want to note that this version does not contain any changes in the database, so to update simply overwrite all files.


  1. PDF export – fixed output numbers. 
  2. The field type “map” – Fixed a display bug.
  3. Field type “map” – added search feature.
  4. In the editor you can insert iFrame.
  5. The Pivot Tables report can now use “drop-down list with a selection of multiple values” field. 
  6. Field type “Date”. Fixed bug when deleting records. 
  7. Calendar Notifications – Fixed a bug with url in email. 
  8. User’s personal account – Fixed a bug with the output fields.
  9. Chat – fixed function to remove discussion.