There will be┬ánew field type vPIC. This is input field with “Decode” button allows Decode a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) for regulated vehicle types using service


There are two options:

Auto fill fields
The data will be automatically filled if the field Name and the Name of the specifications are the same

Vehicle Details
By default decodes next details: Make, Manufacturer Name, Model, Model Year, Vehicle Type, Body Class. If you need more then enter Names by comma.
Note: click “Show All Vehicle Details” on Decoder page to get correct Element Name from

See form example:


Since option “Auto fill fields” is ON then fields Make and Model will fill automatically once you click on Decode button
so it allows you create some vehicle details as single fields and display then in listing, search by these fields etc.

Also you can create extra textarea filed where you can copy/paste full details from popup.