How to simple install Rukovoditel on local pc?

If you plan to use the system only on your personal computer, and you do not have experience with web servers, then you can download the app with web server.

Link to download from

This archive contains the web server XAMPP  for Windows with an installed Rukovoditel.


  1. Download file
  2. Unpack the archive to C:\
    Note: Do not use other discs, since server settings related to the C:\
  3. Open the file C:\xampp\xampp-control.exe
    Note: If you’re running Skype then it should turn off (After starting the server, you can run Skype again).
  4. Click the Start button next to Apache and MySqlxampp_en
  5. Open any browser and type in the address bar: http://localhost/ruko/
    If the Web server is up and running properly, the result will take you to the Rukovoditel login page.
  6. To log in, use the username and password: admin

How to start Apache and MySQL Automatically

  1. Right mouse click on C:\xampp\xampp-control.exe and select “Run as administrator”
  2. If server is running you have to stop it. Click on button Stop next to Apache and MySql
  3. In first column Service check checkboxes next to Apache and MySql

Extension Installation

During purchase Extension you have to enter a domain name «localhost». Files from archive has to be unpacked to the folder C:\xampp\htdocs\ruko\plugins\ Once it’s done go to menu Extension and click on “Install Extension”

General Server Information

  • Server locations C:\xampp
  • Path to the Rukovoditel
  • Fake email folder C:\xampp\mailoutput\ (just in case you forget your password and decided to restore it)
    Note: to send real email messages you have to use SMTP
  • To run phpMyAdmin
  • Access to the database: root (no password)

If you have any questions, ask them in the comments below.