How to simple install Rukovoditel on local pc?

If you plan to use the system only on your personal computer, and you do not have experience with web servers, then you can download the app with web server.

Link to download from

This archive contains the web server XAMPP  for Windows with an installed Rukovoditel.

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How to install Rukovoditel on a virtual hosting?

In this article I will tell you how to install the Rukovoditel on the virtual hosting with control panel cPanel. On different control panels the installation will differ in detail, but in general the installation procedure is the same and consists of the following steps:

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How to run a Cron Job?

To run the script on schedule, we will look at the category of “Cron Job” in the server control panel cPanel. Different control panels to configure Cron have differs in details, but in General the procedure is the same.

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Как запустить скрипт по расписанию (cron)?

How to Increase Maximum Upload File Size?

There are several ways to increase the size of downloadable files:

  • The Directive upload_max_filesize in php.ini
  • The PHP directives via .htaccess
  • Using the function ini_set()
  • Other directives that may be affecting the download of large files
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How to configure sending mail?

In Rukovoditel assigned users are notified about new entries, new comments, etc. read more.

By default option “Use email notification” is enabled and on the page “Email Options” you have the possibility to setup options for sending emails.

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How to use Formulas and Functions?

Using a field type of Formula and Function from the Extension we can create complex calculations.

Functions help you to perform calculations using fields from other entities. To add a function in a formula, use brackets.

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Integration with the LDAP

In the “Rukovoditel” program there is an integration mechanism with the LDAP, which allows creating new users and assigning them rights automatically.

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