Installation on a virtual hosting

This article will tell you how to install the Head on the virtual hosting with cPanel control panel. On different control panels, the installation will differ in detail, but in general, the installation procedure is the same and consists of only three steps!

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Installation on a local pc

If you plan to use the system only on your personal computer, and you do not have experience with web servers, then you can download the app with web server.

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Rukovoditel 2.0.1 and Extension 1.6.1

Released version 2.0.1  and Extension 1.6.1. In general, this version includes only fixes the list of which you can read bellow. Fixes: Fixed counter on Dashboard. Read more. Fixed multiple update issue. Read more. Fixed warning with Dropdown Multilevel field...
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Case Files Rukovoditel Database Template

Case Files Professional is a web-based case management application for private investigators and is designed to streamline the process of managing an investigation from start to finish. Case Files will assist your company in becoming more...
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Rukovoditel 2.0 released!

Rukovoditel 2.0 and Extension 1.6 are released. In version 2.0, special attention was paid to automation of actions in the application. To save your time, repetitive and one-type actions can be automated now. Also added several new features for more tight...
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Rukovoditel 2.0 BETA is ready to test!

Rukovoditel 2.0 and Extension 1.6 beta versions is ready to test. Testing period 2-3 weeks. See video review. Video in Russian and the English version will be soon. If you will find any errors during testing, report them on forum, please...
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Display Fields Rules in Rukovoditel 2.0

Very often there is a situation, when in item form, some fields need to hide or display depending on other field values. And now Rukovoditel 2.0 have Fields Display Rules!...
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Much more than just another Poject Management System

I was looking for a Project Management System for my company and was already tired of testing, because most systems are buggy, outdated, overloaded with functions and not very flexible.

Luckily I discovered Rukovoditel, which fulfills all my requirements!

Ewald B.

Rukovoditel is a Game Changer in the Project Management Software Industry!

We plan on using this software for years to come and we hope that you find this software useful as we have.

Best wishes to the Rukovoditel and thank you for creating this great software!

Jose Ortiz

You can use Rukovoditel as CRM system as well. Its up to your imagination!!

At first it looks very simple and I discarded, after few days back I studied about it and tested it thoroughly. It’s really imaging!

Another best thing about it that, you can use it as CRM system as well. Its up to your imagination!!

I highly recommend this to all, just try once, I am sure you will love it.

Vinod Kumar Singh

Bootstrap Rukovoditel delivers cost effective (free) project management

Rukovoditel with Bootstrap was the answer I was looking for when I needed a responsive design for today’s mobile devices. Plus being Opensource (Free Software) I did not need to spend any money on software developing my application with Rukovoditel.

I would recommend Rukovoditel to anybody who needs to build customized applications on the web.